5301 Sweet Meadow Lane ,
Laguna Niguel, CA  

Jr. Kindergarten Program

Our Junior Kindergarten program at Marina View Preschool provides young children opportunities to develop their intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being. Our program is a balance of a developmental and academic curriculum that makes learning fun, exciting and most importantly, offers your child a foundation for lifelong learning.

  • The Jr.-K program "bridges" the gap between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our child-centered classroom is led by a skilled, dedicated teacher who is an expert in early childhood education, guiding and developing each child's individual approach to learning.

  • The Junior Kindergarten curriculum includes Language Arts, Science, Math, Foreign Languages, Arts, Music, Phonics, Writing and Computer.

  • A child is eligible for Junior Kindergarten if he/she will have his or her fifth birthday on September 2 through December 31.