25301 Sweet Meadow Lane ,
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


Our Facility


Front Entrance

In addition to the keypad security activated entry, the main entry to the school is solid glass and directly viewable from the receptionist work area and Director's office. Someone is always up front in either of these two areas so anyone trying to enter the school will be in full view of one (or both) of these individuals. People are unable to come and go in the school unless they have a child in the school and have the special security code for entry through the front door of the school.



We have state-of-the-art security built into our facility. Classrooms have cameras which transmit photo images to monitors in the Director's front office. Additionally, the main entry to the school has a keypad activated locking mechanism that requires a special code before the door will open. This prevents individuals (other than our parents) from entering the school unless we unlock the door for them.

The school security system is wired to an outside security firm that contacts the Police or Fire Dept. in case of any breach in the school's security system.

Additionally, the classrooms are equipped with telephones and intercoms so the teachers can call the front office in case of an emergency or to request assistance of any kind. This allows the teachers to remain in the classrooms without having to leave to make copies, get supplies, or other non-teaching related activities.



The school has a separate playground area for Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-K. Each of these playgrounds is secured and cannot be entered from the outside of the school. These playgrounds have artificial turf as well as other materials (sand etc) and allow the children safe, landscaped outside play areas year-round.



Marina View Preschool is maintained in a spotless condition and we have daily janitorial service throughout the school. Additionally, the teachers sanitize all toys and classroom equipment on a daily basis to eliminate germs and unsanitary conditions and allow for a nice, clean learning environment for the children.

Fire Sprinkler and Alarm System

Marina View Preschool is equipped with a comprehensive fire sprinkler system with heads in every room of the school. Each classroom also has special "pull handles" that activate the school's own fire alarm and also ties into the schools outside security company (who alerts the Fire Dept. in case of a fire). The main entry and hallway in the school is a "fire corridor" with the walls made of metal and the doors specially designed to maintain a continuous fire wall for safe passage in case of a fire.