25301 Sweet Meadow Lane ,
Laguna Niguel, CA  92677




Infant - 12 months-24 months

Children in our Infant Program are involved in activities that promote sensory, physical, and cognitive development. Our staff provides plenty of hugs, talking, listening and soft music. Parents will receive a "Daily Infant Report" which provides vital information on their child's activities and well-being during the day.


Toddler - 24 months-36 months (or until potty trained)

This program allows for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. Children explore the world around them through art and sensory materials, toys, manipulatives, circle time, stories, music, and creative movement. They learn social skills and how to get along with other children.


Preschool - 2.9 years-4 years 

Children must be fully potty trained to participate in our Preschool program and able to understand and follow directions. Language development, listening skills and mastering fine and gross motor skills are an important part of the daily curriculum. They will participate in Morning Circle Time, Music and Movement, Art, Outside Play Time, and Science activities.


Pre-Kindergarten - 4 years-5 years 

This program allows children to develop a love for learning and a smooth transition to Kindergarten. We offer a healthy balance between developmental learning and play in a structured routine to prepare for academic readiness. Children in the program participate in group play as well as independent activities and rotate thorough different Learning Centers set up in their classroom.


Jr. Kindergarten 

A child is eligible for Junior Kindergarten if he/she will have his or her fifth birthday on September 2 through December 31. This program bridges the gap between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our curriculum for the Jr. Kindergarten program includes: Language Arts, Science, Math, Foreign Languages, Arts, Music, Phonics, Writing, and Computer.



All day program 8:30am-4:30pm. Students may come for before and after school care as early as 7:00am and stay until 6:00pm. Our Kindergarten program is an academic and well-rounded program with curriculum which includes: Science, Math, Foreign Language, Music, Art, Geography, Phonics, Writing, and Computer Lab. Children have outside field trips and Special Events throughout the year.